My name is Rahia (RA-he-a) Islanasadi( Is-LA-na-sa-di) Loviossa(Love-oi-sa) Tristsolene(Trist-SOUL-ean). ( Capital letters are accented)On the outside I look normal, blonde hair, blue eyes, small mouth, medium tall, and sorta pretty if you’re into the girly stuff. But that is what I want people to think. After all, what would you say if you see an angelic looking girl with snowy, golden wings? I’ll probably have to go through a lot of surgery so people can do research and also get sent to a zoo. Whoa, I totally overdid it there, let me start at the beginning. The beginning, when I became an Astron at the age of 13. On December 25th, 3 years ago, when my life changed. It was snowing outside and inside was warm and cozy. I yawned, thinking that I should go back to the bed I left a few hours earlier. The clocked ticked quietly in the corner and Rayhiar came into the room, looking half asleep.

“ Seriously, how long did you sleep?” I asked

“ Hey, no need to get all cranky lil’ sis.” Rayhiar replied while yawning. " About 10 hours"

He then walked over to the refrigerator and got the milk out.

“ 10 hours is A LOT. " I smirked

Rayhiar gave me a sidelong look and shrugged,

" You are such a happy influence today, we're in the middle of winter break, remember?"

I groaned," Who cares about winter break?"

Rayhiar shot a freezing glare at me and replied,

" I do."



"Anyway, can you come over to my room after your done with your SUPER late breakfast?”, I begged, with an emphasis on the word super.

“I want you to help me decode the old manuscripts we dug up in great, great grandfather’s old stuff.”

“Sure, whatever"

Rayhiar turned around to look at me

"Rahia, though I don’t suggest that you should be to excited about all that old stuff. After all, look where it lead us the last time.” answered Rayhiar

Rayhiar and I are twins, just in case you're wondering. He’s nice enough, considering how nasty some siblings can be. Rayhiar was talking about when our parents gave us an ancient envelope with our names written on it from great, great grandfather on our 10th birthday. Our first reaction was Cool! How did the old man know our names?! Our parents urged us to open the envelope and we read the contents out loud:

To  my great, great grandchildren, Rayhiar and Rahia,

My dearest children,

I am writing this because you need to uncover our family’s past. I believe that our family’s ancient bloodline secret may resurface in you two. I have written another letter to your mother to name you two Rayhiar and Rahia after our first ancestors. I entrusted this letter to my youngest daughter. I hope against hope that our ancestral curse would not resurface after disappearing so long. Find and decode the manuscripts in the ebony chest in the attic before your 14th birthdays. You MUST decode them before your 14th birthday. I have already done as much as I can, but the end of my road nears, this accursed illness would not let go, I believe in you two.

Good Luck,

Your G,G, Grandfather

Our parents wrote off our great, great grandfather for an eccentric right away, even mom laughed. She then explained that there was a legend about angel blood in our family.

“ Your great, great grandfather probably just wrote this and stuffed a bunch of old pages from some book in there.” Mother explained, “He was well known for playing pranks on younger generations, what would be better than to lead the whole family on wild goose chase?”

We weren’t very convinced by mother and we also decided this would be fun to try. So what happened was, timelapse, over the course of 3 years we have decoded almost all of the documents. Both of us really wanted us to see what our grandfather had in store for us and if the letter was serious, then perhaps really bad things would happen if we didn’t decode it. There are uncanny traits in our family though. Like Aunt Marie, she could usually tell when something REALLY, really bad was going to happen, and cousin Endovian, he never lost a bet in his whole life, and he is still alive. Anyway I’m sure you want to know what we have decoded so far really, really badly. So I’ll write it all down as best as I could.

A=ç B=√ C= > D=∂ E=∆ F=ß G=≤ H=ˆ I=~ J=` K=≈ L=˚ M=˚
N=˚ O=å P=c Q=ƒ R=¥ S=Ω T=ø U=π V=↝ W=⤈ X=↢ Y=↫ Z=⥀

So far decoding, the old scripts have been a tough job. There were 7 pages in all, and we have only decoded 6, the 7th lies a mystery. So far....

Script No. 1 Edit

Look to the silent sound

Follow where your heart is bound

Guided by the laughing river

Tarry not, follow hither

In the end, you'll find your prize

Though it may lead your demise

Second Script: Edit

Silver words will form the pages

You shall travel through the ages

The silver keys will bring you back

One and thing you will lack

Is the lost book

You will find it, only if you look

Third script: Edit

Read on if you dare

Perhaps your life, they will spare

If they do

A wish will be given to you

Use it wisely, choose well

What will truly happen, no one can tell

Fourth script: Edit

An angel's feather

I wish you fair weather

Understand the sacrifice

And the price

I you are still strong

Then come along

Fifth script: Edit

The wielders of the Eternal Flames

All the realms will know your names

Harbingers of Chaos and Peace

Destined to walk until Time would cease

Round and round the pendulum swings

The bell that was silenced now rings

Sixth script Edit

Song of the six:

Six walked the paths of time

Hand in hand One and Two

Three and Four will always rhyme

Five was of the water blue

Sixth was the death chime

Seventh Script:

Ω⤈∆∆ø ~Ω øˆ∆ _ _ ~ _ ∆ øˆ _ ø Ω ~_ _ _Ω

Sweet is the voice that sings



What To Do When You Get Bleached Edit

The swirling after images left by the blinding colors of time space slowly subsided, and the howling of the skrreelas (Scree-LA-s) fell silent. In case you didn't know skrreelas are mythical beasts of the eternal flames. They exist in the world of time space, a place where mortals can't enter. They lurk in the shadows waiting for unwary travelers to stray from the paths. That is why you never leave the paths. When someone enters time space there are paths that connect the portal you went through to the portal you must exit through. As soon as you enter the skrreelas start howling, a sound that no inexperienced Atron should hear. If you are not careful the sound will lure you to step off the paths. No one who stepped off has ever came back, so we don't really know if they died or not. However, I have found piles of neatly gnawed bones with bite marks on them set on a path. I shiver at the thought. I waited for colors to return but it never happened. Fear rendered every coherent thought useless. My anxiety increased as I slowly came to a question, Am I blind?

Every time I look back to that experience I feel relief that I didn't freak out. Ok, I did freak out, but not a major freak out. But hey, it was my first time being reincarnated. Ok, ok, ok, I didn't die, I repeat I DIDN'T DIE

Village Hidden in the Sand Edit

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